Disruptive ‘Cyber Trends’ At RSA

Extract from Forbes Magazine on RSA event

Disruption #3: ‘Software-Defined’ Cybersecurity

Cybersecurity has also joined the Software-Defined Everything (SDX) movement. If we can represent our entire cybersecurity deployment as a software-based model, the reasoning goes, then we have better control, visibility, and flexibility.

empow leverages software-defined techniques to implement an abstraction and orchestration layer on top of a range of disparate enterprise security tools.


We are proud to see empow listed here!


Is the Telecom industry getting distracted?

Quite interesting article from Telecoms.com: MWC Review by Telecoms.com

Extract: “..Overall, this year’s show demonstrated one thing to us; the industry is going through an identity crisis. Telcos don’t know how to take on the challenges to the status quo, and despite numerous statements billed around digital transformation, the reality is that there has been little progress made to realize the potential of the digital economy.

So yes, VR is exciting and so are autonomous vehicles, and the products on show demonstrated there is certainly life left in the telco industry, but let’s not forget the basics. The business model needs to fundamentally change, and there’s only so long confused executives can hide behind the exciting distractions…”



At AnotherTrail, we believe this Industry needs to focus on Software Services, helping Enterprises to get the best of the Digital World, transforming their business, increasing agility. That includes Infrastructure made virtual (eg SD-WAN) , but there are many examples.

Software Services requires an API on-demand interfacing architecture facilitating the access to a community of Services coming Industry small and large players. Finally just a new generation of “Content” made accessible thanks to Telcos.

Let’s see who will be the fastest players here!