Is the Telecom industry getting distracted?

Quite interesting article from MWC Review by

Extract: “..Overall, this year’s show demonstrated one thing to us; the industry is going through an identity crisis. Telcos don’t know how to take on the challenges to the status quo, and despite numerous statements billed around digital transformation, the reality is that there has been little progress made to realize the potential of the digital economy.

So yes, VR is exciting and so are autonomous vehicles, and the products on show demonstrated there is certainly life left in the telco industry, but let’s not forget the basics. The business model needs to fundamentally change, and there’s only so long confused executives can hide behind the exciting distractions…”



At AnotherTrail, we believe this Industry needs to focus on Software Services, helping Enterprises to get the best of the Digital World, transforming their business, increasing agility. That includes Infrastructure made virtual (eg SD-WAN) , but there are many examples.

Software Services requires an API on-demand interfacing architecture facilitating the access to a community of Services coming Industry small and large players. Finally just a new generation of “Content” made accessible thanks to Telcos.

Let’s see who will be the fastest players here!





Automation needs more and more Intelligence

At AnotherTrail, we see the needs and values of automation between applications, systems, storage and networks abstraction layers. This is the future of IT.

We see more and more the requirement to add 3 key points:

  • An intelligence that can anticipate situations and use-cases requiring changes, tuning of an infrastructure. Yes it includes machine-learning techniques, and workflows of scenarios
  • Correlating events from the different elements at network & security levels in order to detect “strange” behaviors that could match with intents to break/attack
  • Capacity to check the compliance in a visual manner on a regular basis, and discover differences. This is what we call the “Polaroïd ™ of the virtual world”

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When will we stop the nightmare of Passwords?

Interesting article:

The real question: we’re in 2016, soon 2017!. And we still use passwords. The issue isn’t about using more passwords..the issue is that we all need to write those passwords down, we all need to store them one a notepad.

Who will trigger a real move to only using the mobile phone (a real private object) as a way to authenticate?

Our friends from have a neat solution. watch them!

get rid of all your passwords!

2017 is ready for HyperConvergence!

The transformation of today’s modern datacenter is happening as we speak. It’s not coming; it’s here. Of course, this is partly a result of organizations wanting to capitalize on new advances in technology.  But, the major driver of this transformation, is more about how people are expecting to consume IT services, and how organizations are re-designing their IT infrastructure to efficiently deliver these services to their customers.

Everywhere we look today: compute, storage, network, applications – all are being offered as a service, whether by the vendor that sells them, or the datacenter that consumes them. What enterprise software company is not delivering their software as a service? What service provider is not thinking of deploying network functions in software? What storage company is not building software-defined storage systems?  The major challenge that everyone faces is in delivering these services on an infrastructure that is agile, cost-effective, and scalable.