Disruptive ‘Cyber Trends’ At RSA

Extract from Forbes Magazine on RSA event

Disruption #3: ‘Software-Defined’ Cybersecurity

Cybersecurity has also joined the Software-Defined Everything (SDX) movement. If we can represent our entire cybersecurity deployment as a software-based model, the reasoning goes, then we have better control, visibility, and flexibility.

empow leverages software-defined techniques to implement an abstraction and orchestration layer on top of a range of disparate enterprise security tools.


We are proud to see empow listed here!


Security : From Silo to Overlay

To fight a war you need a range of military options and when combined with great direction and leadership, victory can be achieved. Security is a war, a daily battle whose ground rules and potential impact is morphing from data breach to ransomware, from coporates to nation states.

On CNBC Avi Chelsi CEO of  Empow provides an insight to the alleged Russian involvement in the US Presidential election. Empow is a security overlay, abstracting data from live client security implementations, crafting a common langauage, and through that language empowering a coordinated business level approach to security.


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