The financial industry contained an average of 52 open source vulnerabilities per application. London we have a problem!


For many years, DTmag has been reporting open source security issues, and two studies within the past couple weeks demonstrate there is a problem: Last week, this site reported on a study conducted by German researchers that linked open source software vulnerabilities to developers copying source code from flawed online tutorials and pasting it into open source applications.

The financial industry contained an average of 52 open source vulnerabilities per application, while 60 percent of the applications contained high-risk vulnerabilities, the company said. It added: “The retail and e-commerce industry had the highest proportion of applications with high-risk open source vulnerabilities, with 83 percent of audited applications containing high-risk vulnerabilities.”


Our view?: as open-source is a very valuable approach, and vulnerabilities will keep existing; better have a new strategy for protecting your information/data. It’s time to have a real visibility of “intents” of attackers, this is the key.

This is why we’re embracing technologies such as



Security : From Silo to Overlay

To fight a war you need a range of military options and when combined with great direction and leadership, victory can be achieved. Security is a war, a daily battle whose ground rules and potential impact is morphing from data breach to ransomware, from coporates to nation states.

On CNBC Avi Chelsi CEO of  Empow provides an insight to the alleged Russian involvement in the US Presidential election. Empow is a security overlay, abstracting data from live client security implementations, crafting a common langauage, and through that language empowering a coordinated business level approach to security.

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